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Cassini: How do 'item not received' and return requests affect rankings?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by SantaInThailand, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. SantaInThailand

    SantaInThailand Junior Member

    Aug 6, 2015
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    Hey guys,

    It's been a long time posting on forums after finally having some success with building an eBay business. After a lot of research and consultation with Cassini experts, I have not found any answer to the following question:

    How do 'item not received' requests and return requests affect your rankings?

    Me, and other friends sellin on eBay have noticed that these certainly affect your rankings. A case left open for long and sales start to drop. However, we have not managed to identify a pattern on how exactly this works.

    E.g. do these cases affect your rankings immediately as opened, after 7 days, or how? I don't mean cases where eBay has stepped in, but just requests that are left open. I always sort issues asap with buyers, but e.g. sometimes a buyer opens a request for "item not received". I reply and send tracking info. Instead of closing the case, the buyer leaves it open with the status "waiting action from buyer".

    The reason I am thinking, is for example if such case is left open for a $10 item, it may be more profitable to just refund it and take the loss, rather than wait for 3 weeks for a reply from the customer while sales start to drop.

    This information is certainly not available from eBay, but has anyone identified a clear pattern on this?