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    Feb 10, 2017
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    Hello everybody,
    Hope you are doing fantastic and are busy earning :D

    A few quick questions :

    Am about to start with casino/gambling affiliate programmes and have a few doubts!
    BHW has been a great source of information and i will surely keep posting my stats once i start with my new affiliate projects to help you all do good in this niche in particular! But that's the later part!

    For now, what i want to ask is that,

    1st) Are there any prohibitions or ban on certain types of ads that we run to promote our casino affiliate link? Like, lets say if i use popup/popunder ads etc. ? If yes, then how can we work around this and what method/ad structure works the best ?

    2nd) What are the best converting online gambling/casino websites with affiliate programme ?

    I would really appreciate if anyone can share some experience here!
    Please help and i shall return the favor by sharing my journey once started :)

    Thanks :)