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CASHMANUFACTURING is a thief! Stole $900!

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by tbsweet52, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. tbsweet52

    tbsweet52 Junior Member

    Sep 3, 2009
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    I know I should've posted this way earlier, but I can't be silent anymore..

    Around April 2010 I JV'ed with a BHW member by the name of CASHMANUFACTURING (still active). He seemed like a good guy with a good idea.

    Basically he told me he had a "friend" who ran a website that bought gift cards from people cheap, and then sold them for higher prices. He told me his "friend" gave him the gift cards at around 50% of the face value, and he would sell them to me for around 60-70% face value, so he was just raking in 10-20% by just selling them to me doing nothing, it seemed like a decent trade. Go check on ebay and gift cards sell for face value or even above sometimes. So yeah a 30-40% profit with little work seemed pretty good/easy. And it was. For awhile I was buying gift cards off him for $1000 at a time and making a quick $400 in a day just by listing them. These things are hot (idk why).

    So anyways, randomly he stops contacting me. I get worried and about 4 days later he tells me he was in the hospital. Decent excuse I guess, I mean me and this guy became good friends and shoot the shit a bunch of times about stuff not even related to IM. Anyways, he tells me he has a batch of cards ready to give me and I send him $900. This was in May 2010 and I haven't heard back from him since.

    I know I should've said something on here earlier but I was in the middle of graduating from college and actually getting my 1st job right out of college which I did shortly after.

    Well, the dude is from Russia AND we did our transactions via Western Union. He picked up the transaction and never gave me what I ordered.

    Oh, and to make this story even WORSE. All of the gift cards started to drain down to $0! I had gift cards with no balances, gift cards I sold already getting flagged and deactivated and people starting disputes on ebay and/or paypal. I started to sell the cards to a company actually that paid 92% of face value for cards I was buying for 60% so I thought this was the best route so I didn't have to deal with ebay and paypal. Well I find out right before I was going to be paid $500 from them, all the cards go to zero.

    It was complete BS and this dude should fall off the face of the earth. I don't know how people can go through the day knowing they stole close to $1000 from someone let alone any money at all from someone.

    This dude is still active on here and he doesn't answer my IM's on gtalk or anything or my emails. He's a little bitch.

    Good thing I still came out with positive earning even after all the drained cards.

    Thats my rant for the day. I have no proof or anything because it all happened a couple months ago, and Im sure I could dig up some convos but w/e, I will never get my money back.

    Just a quick lesson even though you think you know someone really well, remember you never know who is on the other side of that computer!

    PS. sorry for this post that is not well written, not well thought out, not well planned, and kinda just thrown altogether. My bad.
  2. BigBuddy

    BigBuddy Account Under Review

    Oct 6, 2008
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    Pm ed to cashmanufacturing. As it was happened in JV, need the reply from him, before any further action.

    @tbsweet, need more details.
  3. cashking009

    cashking009 Junior Member

    Jul 31, 2009
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    Hey tbsweet 52, as u wrote : " it was Around April 2010"
    6 month ago i send u last batch of gifts and our JV was stopped, because ur UK based person and its too much cost to send item to buyers, i still have some JV here and never had problem with zero balance cards, i have just one question: why do u wait half year to post this sh*t ?
    I have nothing to say and cant understand whats in ur head mate...
  4. tbsweet52

    tbsweet52 Junior Member

    Sep 3, 2009
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    @CASHMANUFACTURING - WTF are you talking about? I'm from the US not the UK, AND it costed you $0 to send me "batches" of anything because you sent me e-gift cards over E-MAIL. Why are you trying to fool people?

    I waited a half year because I was just finishing up my last year of college and I was in the process of getting a job when i graduated so I didnt want to worry or stress over some scammer from Russia. I randomly seen your name on a post recently, seen you posting in the JV section and I wanted people to know the truth. There was no way to get in contact with you because a) you're from Russia supposively, b) you didn't answer me on gtalk or email. I IM'd you last week asking where my money was and you didn't respond. I have randomly before IM'd you on gtalk asking where it is and you ignore.

    What's the deal man? Why have ALL of the gift cards drained? Why has Wal-Mart called me a little time after you bounced with my cash saying the cards I was selling were fraudulent?

    BTW his gtalk name is markedakilla if anyone here talks to him there. Straight up thief man and it sucks because there is no way in hell I will get my well earned money man. I emailed you TONS of times with no responses. F*ckin rediculous the BS people have the nerve to put people through. Get this clown out of here.

    Also, his partner is supposively from swapagift.com where he "owns or runs it", not sure. CASHMANUFACTURING says his partner buys cards from people cheap, sells them to CASHMANUACTURING for 50% of face value, then CASHMANUFACTURING sells them to someone like me for 70% face value. So for every $100 card I sold (assuming I sell it for face value which is what they sell for on ebay..) he would make $20, no selling on ebay needed for him. His partner from swapagift.com (which is a large, known company in the gift card biz) does this under the table without anyone knowing? When he said that it made me wonder what the hell is this, but the money was coming in so I didn't care at the time. His partner is from Russia too he says, but there is no Russian man listed as a founder or owner of swapagift.com so I'm not sure what the deal is.

    ANYWAYS, CASHMANUFACTURING only sent me e-gift cards, NOT physical cards. An e-gift is something you can buy for people from walmart.com for example, have a code sent to your person of choice's email, so they can shop online. Now I always wondered why he only sent me e-gift cards..? He told me his swapagift.com bought them from people, and I wondered how the hell this worked because I know NO GIFT CARD COMPANY BUYS E-GIFT CARDS FROM ANYONE. What, did they walk up with a piece of paper with the code printed on it and sell it? HIGHLY DOUBTFUL.

    So after CASHMANUFACTURING went missing with my $900, he never sent me the batch I ordered EVER. I started receiving complaints from people I sold to about drained cards, codes not working a couple days after I sold them, even WalMart called me and scared the sh*t out of me. So I basically figured out what he does, or what I think he does anyways..

    He buys these e-gifts online full price, sells them for 70% value, then he somehow gets the money re-imbursed to his credit card or w/e he used to buy them online. So if I gave him $700 for $1000 of gift cards, he would get the full $1000 returned to him PLUS my $700. It was too good to be true, sounded sketchy, and I fell for it.

    Whoever reads this, as sh*tty as my writing skills are I hope you can comprehend and realize there are bad people who are seriously good actors. I thought you were my friend man..
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2010