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Cashing out a PayPal account

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by THEMADBLACKHATTER007, Feb 16, 2016.



    Feb 16, 2016
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    Hi BHW, excited for my first post to the forum! If this is in the wrong place, sorry mods.

    I've created a stealth eBay account and now I have a good amount sitting in the account that I'd like to cash out. I have another PayPal account with my bank account attached and don't want to use the same bank account for the stealth account because I don't want my PayPal accounts to get linked.

    I've thought about getting a check mailed to me, but they're limiting the withdraw amount at $500 / month, which is less than I'd like to withdraw. I've tried linking a prepaid debit card (account now, etc.), but PayPal won't let me attach the account / routing numbers to the account.

    Are there bank accounts out there that allow you to alternate bank account numbers? That way I could attach a bank account to my stealth and withdraw.

    Thanks, everyone :)
  2. Tank

    Tank Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jul 30, 2014
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    Just open another savings or checking account and use the new account with your new paypal account.
    Also paypal would not let you link 1 bank account to 2 paypal accounts.