Caseandpoints RDSL DOES NOT WORK with CLAD

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    The guy's service will work if you put his proxy in your browser, however, it will not work with CLAD. I have emails from CLAD confirming his method to connect and change ip does not work. Botworker had no experience with CLAD and his service but was convinced he could make it work and basically railroaded me into trying his service. After spending countless hours with him messing around with my computer via teamviewer and trying to cancel various times, I've had enough. He purposely ignored me countless times when I requested assistance. His service was down and he blamed me even though later he acknowledged he changed his script. He has lied about not having an internet connection for several days causing him not to be able to help me, but I saw him on aim and gtalk. His "bargain" rate of $100 per week is not worth it and stay clear of him for CLAD rdsl service.
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