[Case Study] Using Twitter To Feed Youtube

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    Decided to jump right in with some of the new tools I've gotten and post my experience on here. (Might be useful to someone). My target market is popular music listeners.

    Tools/Services Used:
    - Scrapebox for proxy scraping and checking(~$60)
    - Tweet Attacks Pro
    - Tweet Attacks Account Creator
    - Proxy Subscription ($8.95/mo)
    - 500 Hotmails from supplier on here ($7)
    - Membership to imnuke ($39/mo)

    Total Investment ~$120

    Day 1:

    Step 1: Get Some Proxies. I added my subscription proxy url to scrape box, and scraped it along with the default sb list. Removed Duplicates and ended up with ~150.

    Step 2: Create Accounts. I Loaded up a copy of my 500 hotmails into Tweet Attacks AC. Set to generate 500 accounts and delete used e-mails. Loaded in my proxies and I let it run. 112 Succeeded.

    Step 3: Prepare Tweet Attacks For Follow / Unfollow Method. I created a .txt with keywords (popular artists in my case). Set task to follow by search, and imported the parameters using the keyword .txt I just made. Set threads to 10 and Loaded all accounts. I set follow limits 50-100, and 5-10sec delay. Press Start!

    Step 4: Wait... I've decided I want to try and maintain a network of accounts with strong follower counts (1000+). I am going to wait till 1 round of following is over, than load in some random tweets, and do another round of following. I will maintain the do not unfollow within 2 days rule.

    Current Status. After 4 hours and tons of red errors (I'm assuming crap proxies).
    Following: ~2100
    Followers: ~55

    Only about 1/3rd of my accounts have started following anyone yet. I will let it run until each account has done 1 run of following. I will then figure out my preferred tweeting method (probably wait and reply).

    Tomorrow I plan to rinse & repeat until I use up all my hotmails.

    **Question! Where can I get affordable proxies for maintaining mass twitter accounts? The 125 / $8.95 per month deal is good, but my twitter failed to connect rate seems really high!

    My Goal is to maintain 500 accounts with ~500+ followers each. And use them for retweet attacks on new videos, and to promote via wait and reply.

    Extra Note: I used male names, and realized just now I should of used female names as they probably have higher follow back rates. I will use females for tomorrows accounts.

    *Edit (1.5Hrs Later). 30 Of My Accounts Have Been Suspended. None of these accounts had followers. I'm assuming bad proxy. Any suggestions to avoid such large failure rates?
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    what about imnuke membership
    is this site working , i hope to know

    good to read your method keep going