Case Study: Trust Flow do it yourself

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    In this little case study I try to 'create' links with a certain amount of trust-flow (by Majestic). The trust flow I like to archive should be 15-20%, while the citation flow should be in the same area. I know majestic metrics are no relevant ranking metrics for SEs but my goal is to create 'better' backlinks by myself.

    I created a multi tier link network 4 weeks ago with the following structure:

    - Target is linked from 8 x T1 nodes
    - Each T1 node has backlinks from 2 x T2 node (16 x T2 in total)
    - Each T2 node has some better quality GSA backlinks (10 x from different domains)

    All nodes are more or less popular parasites with about 90% do follow links. All texts are 100% unique and 100% targeted (some of them with images).

    Results after 4 weeks:
    All T1 and T2 nodes have a citation-flow between 5-15%, while the trust flow is on 0%. I have 2 exceptions which have a trust flow of 5 and 10%.
    The target page was not crawled through the multi tier network yet.

    Why it seems to be impossible to create trust flow by self defined link structures?