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    Domains Registration Date: October 2010
    Domain Extension: .com

    Domain Details:The domain is fairly long tail, with several different keywords that may be helpful for targeting a variety of different keyword phrases with SEO. I am currently targeting 2 long tail keyword phrases. The first phrase I am targeting has each word in the domain except for one word. The second phrase has every word in the domain.

    Keyword Competition: The keyword competition for my two phrases is medium to high. The first phrase has over 392,000 results when typed into Google with quotations. The second has 202,000 results. Both phrases receive around 1,500 exact local searches per month, and I am located in the United States. I considered targeting lower competition keywords, but in the pharmacy niche there are hardly any remaining.

    Website Homepage:The first keyword phrase has a density of 1.17% within the text of the homepage. The second keyword phrase has a density of 1.03%. This may be raised shortly to about 2.00%, which is a keyword density I recommend for the homepage. Both keyword phrases are the only keywords in the title of the website, and they are both in the meta description and meta keywords.

    The website is run by WordPress, which is installed in the main directory of the domain. I have a static page assigned to the homepage, not the default recent posts page. All backlinking and SEO has been pointed toward the homepage, in effort to rank these two keyword phrases. No long tail URL?s on the website have been promoted so far.

    Website Content: The website features over 100 posts, all related to the medicine offered through the pharmacy. Each post features a different medicine, with 500+ words of unique, hand written content. Each post is of course, packed with my affiliate links for the product. Writing over 100 500+ word articles was challenging, but if you want to rank well then you absolutely must have unique content. The affiliate pharmacy company I am working with does provide 100% ready, pre-made websites. However, considering the time, effort, and money that was going into my SEO, it is well worth it to write the content myself and benefit from the SERP gain.

    SEO from October 2010 ? April 2011: After the domain was first registered up until April 2011, no significant SEO had been performed. I did however do a very small amount (about 15 posts) of guest posting, on PR 2 ? PR 3 blogs in January 2011. Each guest post had 2 links to my homepage, with one of my 2 keyword phrases as the anchor text for each.

    I found these blogs by visiting microworkers.com, where you can post a project and pay per blog that publishes an article with your link. I did not continue to do this because the quality of the blogs was somewhat poor, I noticed they were not niche related, and I found many members of microworkers not following the rules and trying to sneak a PR 0 blog my way. However, it is still something to be considered, as it did provide a small increase in my rankings for my two keyword phrases. I will very likely return to this technique for future projects.

    After the guest posting, the first keyword phrase was ranked 160, and the second 320. Apparently, the guest posting did work because previously the website was only indexed and had no significant ranking. I imagine that if you continued to pay for posts on microworkers, you may see even more benefit. One thing you should do is check the PR of each blog that publishes an article with your link. Make sure that if you are paying for PR 3 blogs, you are only getting links from PR 3 blogs, and nothing lower. Microworkers allows you to approve and disapprove all work that gets submitted. This feature can be very beneficial for us, because we can disapprove in-properly formatted links, blogs without the right PR, etc. You should also document the domains of blogs that have already published your link, so you are not paying for any duplicates.

    If you are looking for an alternative to microworkers, there are plenty of other websites that offer the same system.MinuteWorkers, RapidWorkers, Jobboy, Mturk, Simpleworkers, Shorttask, Jobby, and of course, Fiverr. I am not sure if all of these sites have a specific section where you can hire out links from blog owners. Fiverr works quite differently too, but from just browsing the website you can get a feel for the system.

    SEO in May 2011 The domain sat for 6 months with very little SEO work being performed. Letting your domain age is not necessary, but can make things easier. I could have began backlinking right after registering the domain, but I would have needed to be cautious. An older domain is less likely to be sandboxed by Google, which is essentially a jail for your website for gaining too many backlinks, too quickly. When your website is sandboxed, it will remain indexed within Google, but it will not rank for any keyword phrases. A completely banned domain is when Google totally removes your domain, and it will no longer be indexed. If your rankings disappear, but your website still appears when you search site:http://www.example.com/ into Google, you have only been sandboxed.

    I started out with two things:

    1) 35 Social Site Properties (e.g WordPress, Xanga, Weebly, LiveJournal)
    Each property included 2 backlinks. Both backlinks had the anchor text of one of my keyword phrases. One of the two backlinks linked to my homepage, and the second would link to the next property. Essentially, I created 35 Social Site Properties all interlinking together, and each with one link to my homepage as well. To this day, all 35 Social Site Properties stuck and are live. I created them using an original hand written article that was spun for each property. All 35 Properties were pinged with pingfarm.

    2) XRumer Forum Profile Link Blast
    I had 200 forum profile links on PR 4+ sites link to my homepage. Then, I had 5,000 forum profile links on PR 0+ sites link to those first 200. Essentially, I created a link ladder (e.g 5,000 links ?> 200 links ?> homepage).

    This type of link building would be very risky on a new domain, but since I had let the domain sit for 6 months, it worked out quite nicely. If this were a new domain, I would have likely pointed the 5,000 links toward the 35 social site properties, and eliminated the 200 PR 4+ site links altogether. All 5,200 links were pinged. Which again, if this were a new domain I may not have pinged them, I would have let Google recognize them naturally.

    The Results: My keywords had an enormous jump. My first keyword phrase went from ranking 160th in Google, to 30th, and the second was ranking 320th and now was 42nd.

    Following the Results: I continued to progress on what was already created. I created two hand written articles and spun them. I personally do not like synonym spun articles. I choose a longer path, and I hand write the spins by providing 2 rewrites for every sentence of the article. So each sentence has three versions, and the article is spun for each submission.

    1) The first article was submitted to 500+ article directories, and the second was submitted to 400+ article directories. Each submission utilized a different piece of software I have, which is highlighted on our recommended software page.

    Each article included two backlinks, and of course these backlinks did not link to my websites homepage. I linked all 900+ submissions toward the 35 Social Site Properties created before. I then had 1,800+ backlinks pointing toward the 35 Properties, which created a link ladder for those. (e.g 1,800+ links ?> 35 Properties that are interlinked ?> Homepage) All 900+ submissions were pinged.

    2) Finally, I created an additional 20 Social Site Properties

    These 20 Social Site Properties were done on websites similar to before (e.g WordPress, Xanga, etc.). These properties each included 2 backlinks, both using one of my keyword phrases as the anchor text, and both linking to my homepage this time. No additional backlinking has been done as of yet toward these properties. All 20 Properties were pinged.

    Where Does the Site Stand? My effort to link articles toward the initial properties, as well as create more properties that only link to my homepage, has been successful so far. I still have not linked anything toward the XRumer forum profile links, which may be a possibility down the line. The plan is to let the site stay steady for now, with no more backlinking being performed for a month or so. This will be in effort to prevent the site from being sandboxed.

    Keyword phrase 1 was ranked 30th, and is now ranked 16th, and keyword phrase 2 was ranked 42nd, and is now ranked 24th. Most of this was achieved within a month.

    This case study was written awhile back and it originally ended here. I wanted to publish it here on BHW with an update. This is from our link building website.

    Today, the website is over a year old, sitting at #1 rankings for both keyword phrases thanks to additional link building from blog networks (ALN, AR, SEO LV, MAN, UAW and a few others), Google +1's, 1 Article Marketing Robot Submission, Social Bookmarks, and SENuke Web 2.0 Properties.
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    Here's my Keyword Results Graph

    As you can see I actually just recently pulled off the #1 ranking when I hit it with some links. Seems to be holding on steady!
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    GJ. Those who do not know what to do. Repeat what OP shared here and you will rank.
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    Nice post op. Congrats on reaching #1.