[Case Study] Next Penguin 2.0 & Unnatural Links Tips

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    Hi BHWs,

    As everyone of us becomes more and more concerned about the next Penguin update (no matter if it's #4 or 2.0) I decided to write a case study and share some experience of successfully removing Penguin penalties. Webmasters have rolled up their sleeves to do the necessary work to match Penguin?s demands. In fact, that has been an impressive amount of work since April 2012. The reason is that when websites are hit by Penguin, the traffic drops considerably, and so does business success. Business owners are at a loss about how to deal with the diminishing online findability, and fear they may have to lay off some of their staff.

    Read the 2 parts of my study here:

    I hope it will help you in your Penguin battles ;)