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CASE STUDY : Affiliate Marketing / Product Launch

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by s16468, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. s16468

    s16468 Newbie

    Mar 4, 2014
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    These are BLACKHAT methods not advisable for Long term Sites.
    Cons: You may loose/get ban your site anytime, Hardwork may go in vein.
    Pros: Can earn upto USD 5-10K per month, high traffic is not required, just cream traffic of 100-300 visitors per day. Thats it. Means you save on your Hosting resources.
    What I Earn : Just got betrayed by my partner, so starting from scratch again. before that we were hitting USD 6K per month.
    Final Verdict : Take risk !

    Okey so here with one more case study for those who want to learn or excel in Affiliate marketing.
    Below Study is purely based on my own research/Experiment which I am sharing after years of research in lieu with Google algo and proven results. I might be wrong in some cases.
    I am assuming everyone here is atleast mediocre level, for newbies kindly google the terms you dont understand.
    1) Choosing the Domain is the key.
    a) Get Expired domain for multi niche or for EMD.
    i) I have seen EMD's take little more time to rank than Multi Niche but once it does it is Rock strong.
    ii) Multi niche are quick to rank, depends on the keyword trend, might loose authority over time.
    b) Why I don't prefer NEW domains over Expired Domains : It takes time to rank, and if your luck is F***ed it will go to Sandbox.
    And by the time it returns, the trend of the keyword might die.
    c) I prefer using new EMD domains for Product launches. As I am certain that even if I get hit by sandbox, I will be safe by the
    time it returns back.
    2) Get friendly with your Affiliate manager.
    i) Ask your manager to keep you updated with new products/ product launch or offers with high EPC (Earning Per Click)
    ii) Get some great conversions.
    iii) Don't bug the managers they might stop responding.
    iv) Let your conversions speak for you.

    3) Why I prefer Product Launches : You need not worry for keywords, the brandname itself is the keyword.
    PRO TIP : Keywords are usally like this 1) Brandname , 2) Brandname + Trial 3) Brandname + Review ,4) Brandname + Reviews ,5)
    Brandname + synonym of keywrod for example, food, snacks, nourishment, sustenance, nutriment etc.
    Using synonym as keyword will help you in semantic search results.

    4) How to Choose a product

    i) Go to Google com/trends -> Check for Trend of the Keywords
    a) If it is a product launch it should be showing a flat 0 graph ie no past trends.
    b) If it is high EPC product check that you current trend of the keyword is medium or high, else your hard work will go in vein.

    ii) If it is High EPC product, check your competitor's keyword (Shortcut to check their the keywords, more of less keywords will be same or similar)
    NOTE : I usually choose a product which can fetch me recurring $30 or more. This means you only sell one time from your site, in future whenever the customer purchases the product, you will be given your commission.
    5) Once you choose a product start making backlinks with all your strength. You can make upto 300-400 links per day.
    6) Prefer making Tier 1 and Tier 2 Linking with solid, business listing, community, profile, social, listing, PR, Classifieds and add posting or may be backpage.
    Trick To Get your links indexed quickly
    i) Put your page URL in the place of Title, booom yes you heard it right, put it in the Title where ever possible
    ii) Make subdomain kinda pages with your keyword. ex keyword.blogspot.com
    ii) Ideally If you follow this method your page will rank in next 48-72 hours in US/UK/AUS/NZ/CA Google, depeding on your target market.

    7) Get it indexed by indexers like OneHOurIndexing etc.
    8) Get your site dressed up like PRO, with TnC, Privacy, Disclaimers, and all possible Trust Builders.
    9) Use Prettylinks or 301 Redirection to route your traffic to the Affiliate Landing page.
    10) If you are earnings are good , it is not a bad idea to embed Cake insights for performance tracking and lead conversions. from getcake.com. It will cost you around USD 350 per month.
    11) Some of the best affiliate I work with are AboveAllOffers, Moreniche, CPAprosperity, WOWTrk, Convert2Media, Mobooka etc.
    Note : Some of the affiliate have USD500

    You can hunt for new Trusted Affiliates here Odigger.com, Offersblue.com

    Happy Selling. Cheers
    If you have reached this point, comment below to let me know if it is helpful.
  2. Alex456

    Alex456 Regular Member

    Jan 8, 2016
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    Bacon eater
    Behind the corner
    Nice list, thank you for shearing.
  3. Omirag

    Omirag Power Member

    Mar 7, 2015
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    So, this is nice for anyone just getting around to affiliate marketing, but where is the case study? What are you testing?