care! lamers at freewebhostingarea :O

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    I just wanted to share my little experience at, you can find them at 5th spot for the kw "free web hosting" in google so I think a few already know this website...

    I was using it for a medium-low priority site which I didn't want to pay the hosting for, because I was uncertain about the website itself...after a couple of weeks I was starting get some traffic they disable my account. I contact them and ask why, they replied me I was hiding their ads...which is completely false because I never did anything to hide their ads, all the website was just a plain wordpress installation!

    They didn't even care to check it or tell me how I hided their ads, well I know there was no proof I did something like that because it was not true. At their second reply they just told me "If you want to host here you have to pay.", which shows the scammy attitude they have...then I asked for just be able to get a backup copy of the website so that I could move on, and they replied "No one is forcing you to host here"...indeed! If only I could get a copy of my website...NO!

    It was their last reply and they never sent me a backup copy, they didn't care...I emailed them other 3-4 times, they never replied me back again.

    At this point, unable to get a copy of my website, I was forced to buy their basic plan which is 12$/year, well hopefully it is cheap, but they forced me into it. (I hope this does not sound as hidden ads because it is not, also there are other hosting that offer medium quality 1$/year hosting which I won't tell neither in pm, because this is not an advertising thread. )

    Lesson learned: ALWAYS set up a daily email backup of your website, this is the first thing I will do for any new website I will build, If I only had a backup I would never had to buy their shitty plan. And Stay away from !