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    Okay i've been experementing with this method for just over a month now and its working like a charm. It may take a little time but stop being lazy and get on it.

    - First I use a program called Cyber Forum Poster, I got here on BH from the download section.

    -Next once you got your article published at AC go over to and get a redirect domain. It's FREE and takes seconds to set up. I always choose something that sounds professional no matter what my damn article is about. I always choose a name. Like etc....or something.

    - Now in Cyber Forum Poster you enter a popular keyword. Let's say "marketing" for instance. Now all the blog that relate to marketing will pop up in the list. Now set up your profile quickly and enter a good comment that doesn't appear as spam. At the end sign off your comment with something like this.

    your new tk domain

    - Now comes the little trick. If you enter your long ass AC URL the owners will delete your comment and wont even click on the link because it just looks like spam. This means you will never get any registered views. However if you got a professional short sounding URL by using just a name it will increase the owners interest and he will 99% click on the link to see who this guy who commented on his blog is. Now they might keep your comment or just delete it but you have managed to gain a unique page view from him anyway because of his curiosity.

    It's not the greatest way but I spend about a few hours a week spamming blogs doing this and I get an extra maybe 200 page views a month on each article.
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    Need a little clarification about if you could.

    Am I clicking the "Web Domain" link to create my domain? And, what is the "you do not have the minimum user requirement of 25 hits per 90 days" that they are talking about?

    Does that mean I have to have at least 25 hits per days to keep the domain???

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    Thanks for this I could never think of a good method to get hits for my articles. Now even my shitty ones will get hits.

    As regards .tk
    you only need to have 25 hits. in a 3 months period .to keep your domain alive.

    If you cant get atl least 100 hits a month, whatever your doing is not worth the effort
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    i wil give u 100 free views to ur articles if u want. I can also get u into the most published list for any category, but not weight loss thats 2 much work, pm me
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