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    Hi blackhatters,

    I was curious to know how much a solid OCR tool would be worth to you as a replacement for an online service like DeathByCaptcha. The majority of CAPTCHAs used on the internet can be solved by a computer and a clever programmer (i.e. me ;) ), so long as you can easily separate the characters (character joining makes CAPTCHAs like Google's own which they use on Google Accounts, YouTube, etc. and ReCAPTCHA (also owned by Google) very hard to solve).

    I know a lot of you may deal with sites that have weaker CAPTCHAs, as I've had to make systems to overcome these for clients before. As I said before I'm curious how much you'd save solving CAPTCHAs yourself using your own CPU/GPU (GPU for heavy-duty mass solving) - are you spending like $50 a week on CAPTCHA solves? $500? More?

    Also what sort of success rates do you consider acceptable? 80%, 90%, >99%?

    Thanks for your inputs!
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    It depends. If you are hosting your own ocr anything over 50% is good because with online services you pay per attempted solve and you usually have to wait 10 seconds- 1 minute whereas with a hosted ocr you can make as many attempted solves as you like and the usual solve time is less than a second.