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Can't register accounts with android emulator (Bluestacks)

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Cantouchth1s, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Cantouchth1s

    Cantouchth1s Junior Member

    Oct 22, 2014
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    Some days passed after last time I was registering accounts. I've changed a few versions of Bluestacks to get the one, which I can use to upload full-sized photos to Instagram. But when the time has come to make new accounts I've found that neither new, nor the earlier version that I've used can do this. The same error that they are sorry, but this action could not be done, and if I think that there is something wrong I can write them back. Hehhe..

    What do you think? Anyone still can use bluestacks to register accounts? I've tried 0.8.xx-0.10.xx versions and the same situation everywhere, but earlier I could do it with 0.8.xx
    I've changed device ID and GUID, no luck.

    Can't run Genymotion and Android x86 since I don't have visualization that it requires.

    I've got the phone with IOS and I can't reset it as a new phone, so I can't make more accounts with it, because I have iOS7 and I don't want to upgrade to next version :)
    Should I buy android phone or upgrade my PC configuration to let it suit Genymotion requirements?

    Have anyone still the same problem with emulators or most of the people don't use them? I think they are great, especially Bluestacks because you can get all accounts (with all settings, ID's) installed at the different folders and switch between them easy.

    But it must be also easy to switch with Android phone, while proxydroid works there and you can save each profile settings, isn't it?

    Maybe someone can give me any tips how I can fix that?

    I tried to use donkeyguard and xPrivacy to fake send data, still no luck. Looks like I'm in a deadlock, spent SO many days to get that and I was sure I can go back to 0.8.x version and of BS and IG client, but this doesn't work, don't know what I'm doing wrong..