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    I have over 500GB of marketing stuff + everyday new software, ebooks etc..
    I'm trying to post some exclusives to download's section but it says that I should be a member for a little longer to do so.

    These downloads are hot right now.. why wait a little longer.
    Mods, Admin, someone... please give me rights to post to downloads section!
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    I guess making love to your eyes since you're read
    In your mind.
    need more posts probably?
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    Sorry . . . Just because you have a boatload of downloads doesn't mean that we are going to change the rules for you. You have to make some quality posts and build up your points before posting.

    Also, I should warn you ahead of time that if and when you do have enough posts to enable you to share, you will need to follow all of the rules and regulations regarding the sharing of files (located at the top of the main page in the downloads section).

    If you have EXE's, you will have to make sure that a virus scan has been performed at VirusTotal. com FOR EACH ONE.

    And you will need to search the forum and make sure that whatever you plan to share has not been shared before.

    And you will need to make sure that whatever you share is NOT on the "Do Not Share" list.

    And you will need to make sure that whatever you share is truly Internet Marketing related.

    I have to admit that I get a little concerned when I see posts like this. You will not be allowed to simply dump a huge amount of shares in the downloads section. You need to be VERY CAREFUL as to what you are sharing and how you are sharing it.

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    PS: By the way, you have been a member of BHW almost as long as I have. You should have had hundreds of posts by now.