Can't find a thread someone posted! Help plz!

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    A while back someone posted a thread on how to get fans on your facebook page and now I can't find it! I've used the search tool on here and everything, no luck! here is what it entailed:

    you find a group on facebook that has a lot of members, you save one of the group members profile pics and then use the profile pic as your profile pic and then email the group administrator asking him to send a message to all the groups members asking them to join your fanpage, and the group admin will either think he knows you or think your the person from his group or SOMETHING like that, gosh! it's driving me crazy, i can't remember for the life of me what steps it entailed axactly, but it's somewhere along those lines, if anyone knows what i am talking about and can direct me to where this thread is posted, i would appreciate it very much! I want to send the idea OP used to a friend of mine, i thought i book marked the page/thread but i can't find it in my book marks, so if anyone knows where this thread is on the forum i'd appreciate it if you can direct me to it, thanks so much! :eek:)

    also, is there a way to track the threads I have viewed on the forum? maybe i can find it that way if there's a way to do that. Like on youtube shows your history and you can go back and see what videos you have watched, not all of them, but it shows your recent history.
    I found the thread on Novemeber 9, 2009. I don't know if that is when the thread was posted, but that's the day i found it, so the thread was posted on or before that date, if that's helpful. I can't figure out how to search using that criteria
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