Can't create a menu unless I go on to custom menu in widgets.

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by NufcOnline, Feb 7, 2013.

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    I don't understand this. If I go onto widgets and put custom menu in my header widgets and add a menu then they appear on my website just fine.

    But now I want other menus going down the left. So I create a menu as normal in Appearence ---> Menus and add a random page to the new menu 'Contact' and save but nothing appears on my site.

    I've added 2 screenshots to explain better. Maybe you could see the issue. Thanks


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    I can't quite understand your problem. Every custom menu you create, must be defined to which Default navigation menu does it belong. it can either be set to go to an URL or it can be left blank and can contain dropdown submenus. Are you sure your them supports more than 1 menu?

    Clarify your question. Does it concern the footer of some side bar?
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    You are in the wrong menu.
    That is a header widget in the widget menu.
    You need to be in the appearance - menu
    This is where you build the main menu
    You will need to create all the pages you would like in the menu before your can add them to the menu
    Start on a blank sheet of paper
    map out your site
    create coming soon pages for all the pages you want
    Go back to the appearance section - go to menu - see all the pages you just created - create a menu - add the pages you want - drag them to the right locations and save
    You might need to go to the theme settings menu to select the right menu layout - each theme is a little different.

    Do a search on youtube for tutorials
    Good luck.