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    Nov 10, 2009
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    Doing some research for adsense, I run accross a .ca domain

    Only canadians can buy this domain for the CIRA act, etc. and by the way they do confirm if you live there (many times) as I read in this forum and searching in G.

    So, do not let this fish go away here it goes:

    the domain is, just dropped the day before yesterday.

    It was on first page for 2 keywords at least. (IMEYE information)

    the keywords are : korean words, korean phrases, just these 2 have together 20K + exact, 60K+ phrase, etc, please confirm these details.

    You can put adsense, rosetta stone, some clickbank products, amazon books, etc.

    Use your prefered registrar, I like moniker.

    Good luck!!
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