Can you reuse banned domains?


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Mar 16, 2015
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Let's say you had a Bing Ads account banned and it had ads going to a given domain. Can you create a new account and point it to that domain without any issues? Would you need to change the URL slightly (say, add an index.html at the end)? I ran a few campaigns for a few domains, got my accounts blocked and now I don't know how to continue. It's a pain thinking about buying a new domain per account. Thanks.
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yes you can Run the ads from any account to the same and no need to change the URL. Please tell me have you used any Coupon Code for that account because their are some Terms and Conditions to use the free coupon code

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Hey man. No, I haven't used a coupon. I did blatantly break their terms. Are you sure they won't ban the domain and IP?
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You can use same domain, just change URL. However, it is best to use other domain.
Thanks for the reply. You mean change the landing page, display URL or both? A new subdomain or just a different folder on the server?
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