Can you get decent traffic? 50/50

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by LukaB, Dec 30, 2010.

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    Well I am a site flipper personally, flip sites with multiple accounts on Flippa, and flip sites over IM (MSN,yahoo and that kind of stuff).

    Well I got some extra time now and I would like to partner up with "1" person who can get a decent amount of traffic (targeted and organic) in a short amount of time, and then I will personally write the text for Flippa, and flip it.

    Basic idea:

    -Buy Domain/Hosting
    -Find great theme on the niche you specify
    -Add content
    [Here fits your SEO work]
    -Write text for flippa and prepare all stuff
    -Pay Flippa fees etc

    -Find a good keyword that has less competetors
    -Do SEO work (I will use Scrapebox myself too, but need you to do it with your skills on other tools/manual etc).

    All fees on me.

    You are wondering why can't you do that yourself?

    Well I am an experienced site flipper and I've sold many sites, on DP,IM, Flippa, local clients etc, and I know how to write the text etc.

    I want only serious ones!