Can the 'Affluent Customers' be targeted using PPV Traffic?

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by SdkulkarniB, Aug 10, 2015.

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    Hi there,

    I am a big fan of PPV traffic, but recently I got into a problem that's boggling me.

    I have a simple question - Can the 'Affluent Customers' be targeted using PPV Traffic?

    I tried to search for this on google, but I didn't get the answers as expected. It seems like everyone is talking about facebook when it comes to traffic.

    I mean facebook ads can be used to target customers with income above $250,000 as there's a option for doing so.

    But when it comes to PPV the only question that comes to my mind is 'How?'. I mean do affluent customers install games that adware installed in it.

    Or do they download screeensavers with adware.

    Their online behaviour is quite unknown and a mystery to me.

    - Thanks for your time.
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    I'll give you a tip to get your creative marketing juices flowing. Find websites/magazines/TV shows/etc. that already appeal to your target demographic and see what's being advertised, then use that data to inform your PPV campaigns.

    For example, something like Forbes or the Wall Street Journal probably appeals to a wealthier demographic. So, check out their websites and/or print editions and see what's being advertised. You might see something like an ad for an expensive coffee maker or something. Based on the demographics the coffee maker is advertising to, you know anyone searching for it or visiting their site is likely to be affluent. So, you could then setup a campaign with that specific brand/model/site as the target of the campaign.

    There are lots of ways to twist this to find more people in a specific demographic...