Can someone please help me with this scammer and help me protect myself before something

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    So I could not post this on the s list for some reason so I am coming here to look for help and protect others.

    the user is pipei

    This person claims to be a she. so no not technically but "she" fed me this huge lie about her company and how she was going to send me these cellphone accessories and front them to me to sell 50/50. So I opened up a stamps account, used the little money I had to order a printer and shipping supplies, and waited on her/him to email me back. The latest I was supposed to expect the shipment was last monday. I have sent messages and emails and the user has been online when I sent them and has totally ignored me now for over a week.

    She knew I was about to be homeless and was having a hard time finding a job. She knew I had almost no money and she fed me this false hope and just lied for no good reason. She asked for my address and my house number and my full name too. I gave them to her. She also asked to look at my eBay account to see previous listings that I made to "help me improve my listing ability". All she did was give me some bs advice.

    I also received a freeze on my paypal account for suspicious activity a couple of days later. They said someone was trying to access my account in Japan and failed multiple times. I assumed it was paypal making up some story to force me to confirm my identity, but now I am not so sure. I wonder if it was this scumbag.

    I am pretty freaked out now. I cannot believe I was that stupid looking back, but I am so desperate to make money I think I just chose to believe it no matter how unbelievable it may have been.

    Can anyone tell me what kind of scam this is or may be? I am scared my address and name is going to be used for something illegal now. Or even worse I may be harmed in some way.

    She/he has been online and ignoring my emails and personal messages here for almost 1 1/2 weeks so this is surely not about her being busy or anything. I know I sound like a fool but I am just a newb and I would appreciate anyone helping me know what is going on and what is being done to me so I can protect myself.

    But she is running some scam, the pictures and items she was trying to send me were in a previous post she made of her trying to sell them, she actually told me they weren't directly hers but one of her colleagues. The pictures were are exactly the same.

    Be warned she is up to something. I tried to post this on the s**t list, people need to know she is planning something and up to no good. She is going to scam someone for real eventually, I want to warn others. Can anyone help me post on the S**t list about this? It was saying I need to agree to something and I already sent an email to support but never received a response.

    Also interestingly enough I would post the email but I am not allowed. Their email address is one letter off from someone who apparently scammed a whole bunch of people here a couple of months ago. I googled it and found a black hat world post about something with netflix ?
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