Can someone please explain me something regarding CPA..

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    For CPA I need a landing page that offers some kind of free product right? So people who want the "free product" have to sign up for the CPA offer before they can get it. Am I still on the right path??

    What other guys of products can you offer people in CPA offers other than ebooks on how to make money online? That's all i've ever read about so far are people offering CPA offers from make money online ebook.

    I'm not fully understanding how CPA offers work, so if someone could please explain a little to me, that would be really appreciated.

    Basically I have:

    #1: Create blog with landing page for CPA offer.
    #2: Have ppl sign up in order to get their 'free sample' or ebook or whatever.
    #3: Anything else?? Grab emails for email list spam of products? lol

    How can I drive traffic to my blog/landing page if I am sellin an ebook on how to make money online, it's nearly impossible to rank for any keywords in that genre.. Would it have to be from twitter and email lists that drive traffic?? How can I create email list without initial traffic from ppl seeing the site and signing up. So many questions..

    Thank you for reading.
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    There are other free offers also, like free ipod, free macbook, lcd tv's and other electronics, this depends on your affiliate network. The CPA process is quite simple: you bring interested people to sign up, after they sign up for "free" the advertiser will tell them in some way that if they want to have a chance to win that "x" product, they must complete some surveys or register some offers in various places..

    So the advertiser pays you $1 $2 or whatever for that free sign up, but it will convert later from the surveys and offers and this way they make profit. Then maybe can give away a free "x" product (you never know and you don't care anyway).

    A important point to highlight here is: The advertiser must convert to be happy and to keep paying the network and its affiliates, so if you were in the position to bring uninterested people to sign for a particular offer, the formula will not convert further
    because these people will never complete any surveys or offers for the advertiser to make profit. So sooner or later you'll be discredited for this kind of traffic. That's why is important to avoid fake registrations or to bring unrelevant traffic to these offers.

    About selling a "make money online" ebook, well first of all the money making sector is having lots of powerful competition so it may be very hard to rank on these keywords, but of course you may find clever ideas to promote your products, just take some time to think enough at your audience (clients) and then figure out where they are and how you can present them your offer avoiding the regular competition.

    A long term way is to constantly create relevant content until you acquire enough search engine traffic for your offers to convert.

    Hope this helps.
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