Can someone help me w/ BHW problem

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by johnny604, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Im really sorry about this being in the wrong section but...
    Ive been on blackhat world for 2years.
    The problem post count always says 0 !!!
    and my first account (same name) was gone one day (but the posts were still up) (i had shared some dan kennedy books)...
    Ive been a regular forum contributor and a contributor to the downloads section...
    I just want to post in the JV section...but the site won't let me...and i can't send PMs to admin either w/ low post count
    what do i do?
    and thanks for the help.
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    hey johnny604, I can't really tell you much about what happened with your first account, and I'm not a staff member so I can't look behind the scenes to see if there is anything going on there. What I can tell you is that I just went to your profile and clicked on view all posts and see that you've made 3 posts so far. 2 of them are in the Downloads forum, and this one which is in The Lounge. None of those posts will count toward your post count. Neither will posts made in the Introductions, Forum Suggestions.

    To get your post count up you need to be making replies in the Main forums (except the Downloads forum). Just try to keep making real posts, don't start making short comment spam type posts or thanks for the share type posts. Just look through the Main forums and when you read something you have some additional info you can share then make a post, or if you have a specific question regarding the topic of the thread that can't be found with a simple search then ask it.

    It shouldn't take long to make 15 quality posts. Once you've done that, then you'll be able to PM and post in some of the forums your locked out of posting in right now. If you've been around for 2 years you could probably offer a little advice to some of the questions being asked in the forums you can post in.
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    Well said gw...also nice sig :)