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    Hello, i am ranking my very first website which is currently 4th for my chosen keyword. I have not spent any money at all on SEO as i don't have a bank account or any other payment method as i messed up my credit rating in 2010 which i am trying to rebuild now.

    I have been doing manual niche related blog commenting with blog engine as i am aksimet banned but am running out of blogs. I have commented on a lot of blog engine blogs and got both ******** and nofollow, high pr and low pr, low obl and high obl. When i put my footprints into google it is giving me alot of results but most of them are the same blogs that i have already commented on. When i type in my footprint i have to jump to about the 25th page to get some blogs i havent yet commented on but i ran out of pages today so am quite stuck. Its currently taking me around 1 hour to get 2 or 3 blogs i have not yet commented on and im pretty sure ive commented on a few blogs more than once.

    I have used sickscraper also but its giving me the same results.

    I have no idea how to find more niche related blog engine blogs, please could anybody give me some advice on how they find them.

    This is the same with article sites. I have been submitting to 5 new article sites everyday from the big list i have but ive just ran out and it takes me around 30 minutes to find a new article site that ive not yet submitted an article to.

    I have also ran out of web 2.0 blog sites as i've been through the big list to create my tier 1 and tier 2 links. Do i just create a new page on the same web 2.0 blogs under the same account or do i need to make new accounts?

    Any help would be much appreciated, thankyou!
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    I've been working on my web 2.0s, making them seem a bit real - own themes, titles, unique posts, etc, as well as adding in some spun ones. Also multiple web 2.0s, so yes make new accounts, too. Good luck, mate. Also work on building some links to your web 2.0s, for example social bookmarking sites. iMacros is a simple way to do some automation (quite a few threads on how to make macros, read data from a CSV file, etc), so you don't have to do it manually every time.
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    comment in other niche' don't have to comment on blogs only in your niche...
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