can I use ubot studio to do this? if so how would I do it?

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    This was copy and pasted also I have ubot studio 5

    Can i use this program for status likes on Facebook?

    Let's say i have 10 Facebook accounts can i run those accounts through ubot and those bots will automatically go to my post/link and like it or comment or watch the video? (within minutes) kinda like a auto liker website except it's my own made accounts with my programmed comments n profile photos n stuff not jus Indian profiles

    Like it will automatically log in to the accounts then like the stat then on to the next? If I'm making since?
    Will it automatically like post in short

    How would I do this?
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    People are having problems with Ubot and FB as of the last couple of days - to be honest, Ubot Studio is in a state with the amount of bugs it has that are very basic and have been around for a while. They are trying to pull the attention away from that by announcing a release of something big soon which includes more features that will introduce bugs and get more people in to hand over cash.

    Save your time and ask Seth Turin when the code will be stable enough to work with - that way you are not sat there thinking whether or not you have done something wrong or its the broken code that is Ubot messing you up.
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    It took me about 3 minutes to build a script in UBot Studio that functions on Facebook just fine.

    Just do the obvious thing and use the mobile site, which loads faster, has less complicated code, and allows for easier automation.

    Those who are having issues on some dynamically loaded sites or elsewhere and are complaining about it not working in UBot usually haven't tried more than a few things. Make sure to check our forum, try a few options like changing your user agent and checking the mobile site, and never give up when you run into an issue.

    Here's video of UBot uploading an image to a specific album: