Can I trust for PAA data?


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Jun 28, 2022
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In theory, it sounds like a brilliant tool. However, I haven't been able to trigger a single question by entering the keywords in the SERP. By ''keywords'', I mean keywords for which the PAA's apparently trigger.
you probably weren't typing questions, seems to work fine
I’ve used it. Although I think a lot of the paa I got from them was scraped from other keywords and replaced with the keywords I entered. I know my niche pretty well and some of the keywords that search response gave 100+ paa for have never had paa on them…

I still used what they gave me and it works well. I think it’s ok to use just maybe not real paa from google.
No I'm checking for which keywords these questions get triggered. I typed the keywords into google and different questions come up - not the one I was looking for.
I'm late to replying here (only just seen the article whilst on their site). They made a response on their site if you want to read:

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