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Oct 26, 2009
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***this is a duplicate of my post in the making money forum, if thats a problem please let me know

Whats up, I'm Adam, from chicago.

I'm new here and I was hoping that some of the awesome people here could help me gain some experience. It would be great to start making money right away, but I'd be willing just to help anyone that needs it, just so I could have some experience with some working systems, as well as possibly some guidance.

I've looked at a lot of the forum so far and the things that caught my eye most was ewhoring, torrents (which seemed kind of dead though), but almost everything seems cool. Theres been more than a couple days already where i spent hours just reading about all the different methods people have and the things that they do. I think its awesome.

I figure if I'm posting this I should probably tell everyone a little about myself. I'm a pretty tech savy guy, I ran a pc repair and consulting business the past five years (mostly homes and small business, we do networking, virus removal, email setup, data recovery, etc, what you'd expect from that type of business.)

As far as other skills, I'm very familar with torrents and also with mobile devices (especially iphone and win mobile)

Also I don't know if I can somehow monetize these things (i don't want to sell pirated material, but i was thinking maybe somehow with torrents), but I have 4tb of popular software/applications, movies (both hd (mkv) and dvd (avi)), tv shows (full series, popular stuff, what you'd expect), and porn.

Anyway, thats all. I'm excited to be here

I looked at it, and it looks really cool, but I'm not an expert in any of those areas.

thanks for the quick response
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