Can I have some tips please?

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    Jun 9, 2012
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    Hi there, up until last week I did everything by hand but I kind of just fluked my SEO

    I now have a tool where each day I can do one of the following:

    Blog comment 500 a day

    Xrumer Profile Blast
    1000 profiles

    Article Directory submission

    Web 2.0 creation and post

    Social Bookmarking 30

    A friend of mine said to get the 2.0 created then blast some blogs pointing towards the 2.0

    I was not sure if thats just a one off or if each time I should create a 2.0 profile then blast it then create another etc or if to create the 2.0 and continue blasting?

    I dont want to do anything too high risk because Im only used to creating posts in my blog, commenting on other related blogs and article subs.

    Have you guys got any suggestions/tips with the above?