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    Okay, so i will try and make this short and accurate, i'm a bit of a noob so i apologize if i ask some obvious questions.

    So i've downloaded FB Lead Chef, which as far as i can understand is to gather Facebook UIDs aswell as Facebook emails (Emails arn't useable now are they? Read something with a facebook ToS change).
    Anyways i've gathered a whole group i found within a niche i would like to advertise to, I then gathered all the passionate members, saved in document, and want to create an ad there.

    But i then read some ToS for advertising, and as far as i can see (Correct me if im wrong), i can't use members i've gathered unless i have their permission, or a 3rd part permission? Doesn't FB Lead Chef lose what it's good for, if i can't gather from a random facebook niche group, and then target them in my ads? Isn't it the purpose of the program to optimize you're sales, by gathering specific groups of people?

    And does Facebook accept if i use a clickbank affiliate, and not a personal product? I'm convinced i found a great niche so even though i only get 75% revshare i think i can earn in the ads.

    If you can answer any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated.

    And if this is in the wrong forum, i'm sorry is it possible a MOD would be kind enough to move it?

    Thanks in advance.
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