Can I do anything with scene connections?

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    Ok so I recently started this whole money making online thing due to me developing a disability where I cannot work in the labour field. So, I am reduced (or vice versa) to make money online to feed myself. At this point I can barely buy myself a Big Mac combo and need money fast, but have no idea how or where to start. This whole site is a bit daunting - so many links, tactics, that work for one person and don't for the next.

    Anyway, is there anyway for me to make money from torrents and having good connections? By that I mean I can get torrents as soon as they "pre" (release) from the scene group, and the sites I'm on - which do not want to be mentioned - get them seconds after pre. So essentially I would be able to grab the latest House episode released by a group seconds or minutes after it is released, before it is shared and uploaded to rapidshare, etc. I'd say it's way more faster/advanced than TPB or Demonoid and a bit quicker than Torrentleech, for example.

    Can I do anything with this? I feel so helpless sometimes and have no knowledge in PHP or anything of the sort.

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