Can develope - can not monetize this except by freelancing

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    i am a developer. But what i do not know is how to make money except of developing websites etc.
    I would like to use these skills to make money with facebook. I am working on a startup and i need a little bit passive income without too much work.
    I think this is possible with Facebook. I have a lot of dev-skills but i think the most important once are:

    - PHP + all kind of databases, caching-systems and frameworks
    - Javascript
    - HTML 5

    and therefore i have no problems with Facebooks APIs etc.. Already used them in different ways.
    What would you do? Have you any suggestions? At the moment i work two days per week as a freelancer for round about 1000$ / month.

    Is it to possible to work 1 day/week (8 hrs) and earn 1k$/month? If yes... who would like to make a joint venture? Or could give me some advice. I really need more time for the startup but also need money to live.

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