Can Cloaking / Doorway Penalty Effect Target Site?

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    If you are cloaking a page not with different content on the same domain, but with a 301 redirecting real users to another site, if Google discovers the cloaked site, will they just ban that domain or will a penalty be enacted on the target site(s) that are being linked to?

    I guess this would be the same for whether or not a doorway site, does Google penalize the target site or just the doorway site?

    I've never been penalized in this fashion, but the target site has grown so much that the consequence of an indirect severe penalization or ban would be devastating.

    Interesting though that we are also 'rolling the dice' on the target site but the difference between the cloaked content and the user content is very very very minimal. Just a few links and heading, otherwise page has identical content. No penalty after over 9 years of cloaking. (IP Delivery)

    I just want to make sure nothing has really changed to increase the risk.
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    Google will penalize the cloaked domain and not the target domain unless it has a reason to do so...

    Reasons may include same domain registration information, same IP, etc. -- i.e. you would have to give them a good reason to penalize the money page.

    If you don't want to use a server side redirect (301/302) then you could do a content replacement or a client side delivery using javascript or flash