Can Autoblogs rank high on Google?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by fated82, Aug 25, 2011.

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    I have several autoblogs and I want them to rank on Google based on the keywords I select (who doesn't?). However, I am wondering if Google will penalize the sites because it's an autoblog and because it has duplicate content.

    So I am seeking advice as to is it possible to rank on Google with an autoblog or should I mix it with unique content once in a while? I will be building backlinks to the pages I want to rank.

    I am currently using WP-Robot to run the blog and try to make it as natural as possible with a mixture of content and videos.

    Please advice.
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    It's not necessary the content, but the way its presented to the visitor what makes a site rank in the serps. I've seen several cases where the theme of the autoblog was just so crap/bad looking, that I left instantly. Make it easy to read, nice looking and don't stuff it full with ads, especially at the start of its existence.

    It's ok to post duplicate content, I have several autoblogs with 100k+ indexed pages in for each individual blog - all duplicate. The trick is to add some social content to make it appear more friendly to the reader. This is often an overlooked thing with autoblogs.

    That is onsite however, you would also have to build links to the pages yourself or outsource it that stuff. Without links, you don't stand a big chance at ranking on keywords depending on the competition.
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