Can anyone recommend a real XRumer host?

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    I am in need of a real host for XRumer that meets or exceeds the following specs:

    dual processor or dual core (at least 2.0ghz per core)

    1-2gb of ram (2gb preferred)

    100mbps connectivity

    NO nasty abuse emails or shutdowns

    Ability to run WITHOUT ANY PROXY

    At least 2.5tb bandwidth per month

    Price: Less than 300 a month

    If I wanted to pay more, I would just buy another bulk mail server and forget about running xrumer.

    For all the wiseguys that want to suggest the search function, i have already used that. I purchased from what was claimed to be 2 of the best providers.

    Now, my email box is constantly bombarded with abuse emails from my providers, saying things like "Please respond asap". I have responded to the point that I no longer wish to send any replies.

    I actually run and use xrumer. My dedicated servers run at least 150 threads, 24/7. I also promote Pharma and almost everything else.

    Can someone with real experience drop me a line and let me know of a good host that will not disconnect me or bombard my inbox with bs emails?

    To give you an idea of this nonsense, I have received 4 abuse mails today from a 2 million blast that I am doing. This is only from one server and I only have processed 650k of the list so far.
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