Can anyone help me install VMware and windows on my dedicated server? WILL PAY GOOD:)


Sep 2, 2010
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Can anyone help me install VMware and windows on my dedicated server?

Will pay good money:)

Thanks in advance:))
VNC: makes it possible to interact with a computer from any computer or mobile device on the Internet. VNC software provides cross-platform support allowing remote control between different types of computers.

Basicaly can you control the dedi from far not using command line
Is it a Windows server or a linux server? If it is linux, I will be able to take you through all the steps to install a VM that suits your needs.

Do you just want Windows in a VM for server software? If so, you would probably be better off running them through WINE (a way to run windows applications in linux). If you want it to be able to see the graphical interface and control the server, you can do that in linux too.

However, if you still feel like Windows in a VM is what you need, I can help you with that.
In my experience Qemu is smoother. Doesn't even require X, and has built-in VNC support.
just search for "install vmware" on youtube... isn't that difficult
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