Can anyone explain ?

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    Apr 3, 2017
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    Hi , im looking lots of site for understand how seo works , i will give examples those websites I found something but i can not understand

    Fxporn dot net
    This is first adult page him or her idont know and there are more of them you can check header ,
    • Created:

      Daily visitor 46k
    And veporn dot net all website backlink this website
    • Created:

      Daily visitor 330k

      And this guy did something creating new one

      Ceporn dot net

      His changed veporn to ceporn domain then 20 days after got new hosting
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        Dailyvisitor 80k

        And allll content same all theme same just last website not same

        This is other website im looking but not him

        130 k daily created 2014

        Shit theme shit site but 130 k there is no good backlink (if m wrong)

        i have website like this guys website 2016/3 im getting 4 k so

        How can i increase my daily visitors baclinks ? How thay guy getting crazy visitors should i create 100 same site if it works i can but those works shouldnt like this ..
    Sorry for my englsh

    Have a good day