can anyone be kind enough to help me please?

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    Mar 19, 2012
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    well i have cracked interspire and i've wasted well over day trying to install it..i installed in within 10 minutes but the errors i got could not be solved even in a days time,no joke i actualy wasted that amount of time.

    would someone be kind enough to solve the problem or maybe install freshly(doesn't take more than 5 minutes) so it avoids any errors i might have done.

    Also,if you have never setup or used interspire dont feel nice to help because it will waste both of our time :/
    i can pay a bit but I'm broke honestly :(

    I am on a shared hosting bluehost btw ,i plan to buy vos with the money i make with this hopefully :[ if any..

    edit: only know cpanel so that would be much better..
    my skype: twit.ter
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