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    1. Checking ROI

    Here we need to check campaigns’ ROI in order to separate them into two groups: “Promising” with ROI higher than -50% and “Unpromising” with ROI lower than -50%.

    2. Optimizing “Promising” group

    Cut some banners on ROI and make new to have at least ten of them to add in campaign. Swap your worst performing landing pages with new ones to split-test them again. Bear in mind to use different styles and designs. After that, check your priority handsets and their resolutions to optimize landing pages’ work on these devices.

    3. Optimizing “Unpromising” group

    The thing here is to find elements in “Unpromising” campaigns that outperform others. If you found, for example, that 3 particular banners massively outperform other 7, cut the campaign down just to these specific elements. After that, just go the same as with “Promising” campaigns (see above).

    4. Regularly check already running campaigns

    Continue to monitor underperforming banners or placements. Kill them when 5x payout reached without conversion, replace with new ones.

    5. Don’t stop optimizing

    Always aim to +50% ROI by cutting poor performing banners. Create different variants of your top landing pages’ designs. Split-test new color schemes, backgrounds, text positioning and fonts and any other elements.

    On the Way to Great Profit

    After establishing even, a single successful campaign, it is possible to scale it up to massive profit.

    At first, you will need to follow these simple steps after running a campaign for 4 days with 25% positive ROI.

    1. Increase your daily campaign spend. If ROI won’t drop next day, keep increasing until hitting 1/10 of your budget.

    2. Keep in touch with affiliate network in order to avoid surprises like payment refusals.

    3. Duplicate profitable campaigns in other countries if possible. You don’t even need to readjust creatives, just don’t forget to get quality translation first.

    4. And the last, explore other traffic sources to duplicate on!
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