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    Hi Guys

    I need some advice and pointers.

    I have an offline client who deals in herbal remedies and that kind of stuff.

    Last year the good old european union decided to ban any further wholesaling of a certain herbal remedy but allowed retailers to continue to sell their existing stock.

    Consequently I have a couple of thousand boxes of this herbal remedy which we will call (for discussion "dandelion and turd tincture"

    Now I have managed to snag the domain
    'DANDELIONANDTURDTINCTURE.COM" and have set up a simple WP site selling this remedy. Made a few sales but I need a lot more.

    The biggest problem is that when we search in Google for "DANDELION AND TURD" we are not found.

    What would YOU do including drippable backlinking, Seo etc etc. Drop your hints here

    Thanks Guys and gals