Calling issues with my android phone

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    May 29, 2011
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    I have been a proud owner of android phones (HTC Incredible S) but recently I have been facing too many problems with my android phone, this has been so annoying I am about to change my phone. In the past couple of months, to be more exact start of September, I have been facing difficulties with my android phones, whenever receiving or calling (in both Wi-Fi or cellphone?s network), I cannot hear the other person until I hang up and then call them again on house phone or on the cell. They say they can hear us fine but we cannot hear the person on the other side.

    I tried contacting my service provider but they say everything is going perfect on their side, and that this may be some problem on my side. I tried the Factory reset option on my phone but the problem remains. I even tried to updating my phone but now that I have updated it, it freezes a lot but the calling issues still do not go.

    I have been noticing this from few days that I eventually lose the network connection. While sitting in my bedroom with a 100% Wi-Fi coverage and not even moving an inch from there and it is the connection is gone.

    I am totally lost for any more ideas now. Please help me out if anyone else is facing the same problem.