Calling all Photoshop 7 to CS5 Users!

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    Hi there fellow members,

    Okay now I?ll cut straight to the chase...

    Lately I?ve been working on a number of cool Photoshop ecover actions, you know where you install them into Photoshop, hit the play button and your ecover is created for you automatically. Incidentally, don?t under estimate the quality here, these are HD actions and not the cheap attempts you might have seen floating round the net. They render out at a massive 300 dpi which are good enough for print. Now, before anyone says anything, I?m fully aware that there are similar packages out there (eCover Pro and the like) but all these are sold in bulk packages and to me don?t seem to warrant cost effectiveness. That?s not to say they aren?t good, but I predict that most people that purchase these bulk actions rarely use them all for their web page projects. Basically what I?m saying is you have to buy the whole package to own the actions you?ll actually use. That?s okay if you intend to use them all, but what if you only needed one or two for your web designs?

    This is where my actions differ?What I intend to do is offer them individually, so if you?re looking to create say just CD images, then all you do is purchase a CD action?Naturally you get the action you want and in turn you save yourself a small fortune by not purchasing the one?s you don?t want?No waste on your part!

    Okay, plug over with

    Anyway, before I begin to stock my blog up with my ecover action scripts, I would appreciate a few beta testers for one of them.
    See, I?ve created my actions within CS3 and I only have CS3 to test with. What I?m looking for are people who have alternative versions of Photoshop (preferably users of version 7 right up to CS5) to test out one of my action scripts to see if it?s compatible with their version of Photoshop.

    And that?s it!

    In return, all I?d like is to hear your feedback as to whether it worked okay or not?Fair enough?

    I?m not numb though, I realise there?ll be some freeloaders here that will just download my action and not bother to lift a finger with regards to any feedback, that?s just nature and it?s what everyone has to put up with unfortunately, but I?m hoping that some of you decent members out there would be kind enough to type a few words of feedback for me

    Here's the download link for the action in question:
    I've attached a sample image of the action in question for your convenience.

    Now, I realise that I have absolutely no control over my action after you?ve downloaded it, so what I will say is you?re free to use it as many times as you like and I also grant you rights to re-distribute it to your own website visitors, all I ask is you leave the RAR file contents in their entirety, you MUST NOT change any of the copyright notices and give credit where it?s due?I don?t think that?s too much to ask for is it?

    Apart from that though, please test it out in your version of Photoshop and I look forward to your feedback.

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    bump! link is dead