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    Top Premium Domain For Sale , probably best on Flippa.

    Crime-based games, TV shows, and movies have a rich history that dates back to The Public Enemy and Little Caesar in the 1930?s, The Godfather trilogy in the ?70s, Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction in the ?90s, and all the way up to more recent works including Grand Theft Auto, Mafia Wars, The Sopranos, American Gangster, and The Departed.
    And now there?s a killer domain for sale that encapsulates it all: could be used for a music label, a TV series, a book series, or even an eCommerce site for mafia and gangster related products.

    • Google Adwords estimates approximately 110,000 search queries each month for ?Gangsters?.
    • A Google search for ?gangsters? returns 5,520,000 results.
    • An eBay search for ?gangsters? delivers nearly 4500 related products.
    It has nearly unlimited potential for development. Crime-related movies, books, and games are everywhere these days ? and there aren?t many one-word generic ".city" names around that have as much potential as "".

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