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    Jan 3, 2010
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    Hi all,
    I just created a website about hot deals and offers few days ago at Deals are updated daily or even hourly.

    I want to build a website so that we play a WIN-WIN game. If I make money from the site, you properly will earn money from your affiliate links.

    At this stage, I will accept only max of 20 people to join the team. First come first serve basis. Once the site is up running with good traffics, no more people will be accepted to join the team. You are the ones who first contribute it and will take profit from it forever.

    The Rules are very simple:

    1. I cover all cost + manage the site.
    2. You register as a contributor on the website. I approve it.
    3. You post your links + content of the deal on to the website. Once approved, it will be displayed on the main page and appropriate categories.
    4. You must create backlinks and bring your own traffic to the site or at least to your pages which contain your links.
    5. I want to build a site which does not include Scam/fake items/illegal items ...etc. Thus, if you are scammer, please ignore this because I will manually check all submissions and even comments.

    I am currently doing some work to improve the site and create more features/activites. Will update here for your information.

    Thanks for your interest and tell me how do you think.