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Jun 2, 2017
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Well it happens recently last month I've been receiving a call from a number am pretty sure the number is from UK (+44) the number calls every day and Keeps disturbing me about their shit crypto investment trash; I told him am not much interested in crypto so the clown keeps pushing me up calling almost every day so I decided not to pick his calls again (its a waste of valuable time ofcourse :) ) but just to day i recieved a call from +12233 many times so after the sudden diaturbance i try picking up the call to ask who's that, i heard some voice i could not recognise (his english sounds UK English I just press the damned Red bitton and am just like Fuck the hell outer here:(

So I keep getting another missed calls.
Am not worried at all because this happens countless time but whats the best way to get them not calling me again.?
If you have Samsung, it is easy to block a number.
In my country (Belgium) do you need to go on a free website (idk the name).
You need to fill your number, so that no company can call me if they want to promote something.
A few months back. I also got calls repeatedly from the same bank, but by different persons. They keep buzzing me for sign up Lic or loan. I have said many times not to disturb me during working hours. Don't know exactly, but I received 10 calls in 25 mins. Finally, I have lost my patience in office to slash them out. That was the most insulting & an irritating day in my office.
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