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May 29, 2008
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Hello! I have some auto blogs that use gooogle translate to make my blog posts unique (Caffeinated Content 3.3.5). But now it will not work because G has changed their translate page. I'm noob in php, so I wonder if it is possible to change the CC so that the translation function will work again?
the translation function works like hell, sometimes its not even close to readable, use link back to the original content and use autoblogged or wp robot, cc not works for me
I do not want visitors to read and admire my work, I want to they click on ads and go.
The translation result page is quite different now, a simple php editing won't be enough
Hmm .. Not good. Now I have 20 blogs that have the final blog post on 16 November
If you look at G's webmaster tools, you will find that the translator plugin has messed up your SEO. The Google Translator plugin is one I stay away from. I have had to ask Google to de-index a lot of my translation pages so my SEO will get better.

Your best bet is NOT to use any more translation plugins for a while and stick with your blogs native language.
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