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    Hi guys

    Need some tips from pros here.

    My site has a high Pagerank, big G simply loved me since the day we started back in 2000 until early this year when suddenly a huge chunk of my cached pages were dropped by more than 50%. We lost majority of our traffic and our ads3nse went down by 70%. It really knocked us out.

    We don't spam since we started, but I really have no idea why G did this.

    I then realised we weren't the only ones affected by the change in G's algo_Other major sites are also affected and I suspect, interlinking within our domain is the main problem, but i could be wrong.

    Although the earnings are rising slowly now, we are nowhere near where we used to be.

    So my question
    1) Is number of cache pages important? Low cache pages = low traffic?
    If it is, what is the best way to get google to reindex them?

    2) I dont have any real SEO plan, except to build backlinks to my main site via commenting. Any plan recommended (blackhat:D) from the pros here?

    3) Any good SEO tool you would recommend?SEnuke, Xrumer?

    4) Are Link Pyramid, Linkwheel any good?

    Help this brotha out, guys..any inputs is much appreciated and sorry for the long story :D