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    I'm C.T. Fletcher and here are my Ten Commandments on Internet Marketing.

    Commandment number One

    I said "I command You to Grow" and some of you motherfuckers will come up to me and say "CT, I told my websites to grow and they wouldn't listen to me, They would not obey me.", and that is because you don't have the proper mental attitude behind it.

    If you don't say it with conviction. If you don't fucking mean it, then shut the fuck up. You're just wasting breath. You're talking to your goddamn self and they lock people up for doing that shit.

    You MUST train your goddamn brain. Believe it. Speak it. Really, really fucking believe it, that is the difference.

    If you're just saying it to be saying it, or just to copy this old motherfucker, NO it's not going to work.

    You have to really, really fucking believe it. Then say it, motherfucker.

    If you ain't gonna say it without believing it, then just shut the fuck up.

    Commandment number Two

    This is Commandment number Two.

    Listen up motherfucker!

    Question! Question for yourself; "what is impossible?". Never accept the limitations of someone else.

    Somebody told you that it's impossible. "Don't even try.", "Give up!"

    Before you even fucking try it for your self, never accept the goddamn limitation that someone else has placed upon you. Decide for your fucking self what is your limitation.

    Try it, you son of a bitch! Try it for your fucking self. Then that is the only way, the only fucking way to know if You can or can't do something.

    I gave it a fucking try, that's how I know!

    Get yo punk ass in there and give it a try.

    Commandment number Three

    Pain... is necessary. It's inescapable.

    I mean; out of pain, we are born. Pain is a must. Pain is a necessity for growth. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Pain is a necessary evil. Get used to it motherfucker.

    Make friends with it, and then kick fucking pain's ass. And that way, when it comes to take you down, you can brush that fucking shit off.

    "I'm used to you motherfucker, bring it on! Come on pain. Sit yo ass down and let's have a fucking lunch together."

    "Me and you, pain, let's do it! Best fucking friends."

    Commandment number Four

    Listen... Listen to your own fucking self.

    The best judge of what you should and should not do in IM comes out of your own fucking mind.
    Learn to listen to it. Learn... It will speak to you. Your mind will tell you if a keyword for your niche should work.

    "What should I do today C.T.?" Log your punk ass in at Ahrefs or Semrush. I'm logging in at Ahrefs and if I do keyword research and I see a keyword that is looking exceptionally good, guess what motherfucker?! I'm going to continue researching it.

    If it's the only fucking keyword I'm researching during that session. I'm going to keep researching it because my mind told that this shit is working. That it's beneficial for my ranking. My website will be gaining from it.

    My mind told me this, not fucking some bald-headed motherfucker with a website told me how to do keyword research. Fuck no! My own research tells me that this keyword looks good.

    Listen to yourself motherfucker. Learn to listen to your own mind. It will tell you what the perfect keyword is. It will tell you what the perfect longtail keywords are. It will be your own personal SEO guru.

    Commandment number Five

    Pay attention motherfucker!

    Get a picture. Get a clear picture in your motherfucking mind about the niche you want to dominate.
    Focus! It is so fucking important to be focused.

    A wishy-washy motherfucker. You're neither hot, you're neither cold, you're fucking in the middle.
    Fuck I can't stand an indecisive motherfucker. I can't stand a motherfucker that don't have the testicular fortitude to stick with something!

    Be focused! Pick your niche and stick fucking to it.

    You wishy-washy motherfuckers. I can't fucking stand you! Get the fuck out of my goddamn niche with that bullshit.

    Focus on what you want. And goddamnit, don't let anybody stop you from dominating your niche.

    Commandment number Six

    Listen up!

    Change... Changing the routine.

    Your website is adaptable. Search engines are adaptable. Both will adapt to a change in routine, over and over again.

    Our websites are magnificent creations. Magnificent vehicles, designed to inform search engines and visitors about our products. We put them through rigorous A/B testing and our websites are able to adapt to change.

    So, you must change it up! You must trick the search engines. You must convince them that this is something new that they need to adapt to.

    "Don't get comfortable motherfucker. I got something new to throw at your ass." and the search algorithm will be like shocked. "What the fuck is this? This crazy motherfucker did something totally different! I wasn't ready for this shit, and he threw it at me!" and it will be forced to recalculate your ranking. And that new ranking will produce growth.

    Commandment number Seven

    Angles are essential to growth.

    "What the fuck are you talking about C.T.? What do you mean by angle?"

    The angles we use to approach our audience are all different. They are unique. They are the result of our own thoughts about what might work and what might not work.

    Your assumptions about how to connect with your target audience are different from mine. So, therefore, we can operate in the same fucking niche. You dominate Instagram and I'll fucking dominate Google with my long tail keywords.

    And we are both dominating the same fucking niche. Why? because we are fucking different!

    Do it a little different. Experiment. Don't be afraid to go outside the norm. Outside the book.

    Because the perfect angle, only the perfect angle for you, can be determined by you. And how you do that? Through trial and fucking error!

    And the one that feels best? Do that motherfucker! It's that simple.

    Commandment number Eight

    Overloading, as defined by C.T. Fletcher.

    You can overload the search engines by taxing the fuck out of them by submitting an extreme amount of keywords and forcing them to do their fucking work. That's one way to overload the search engines.

    Another way, to overload the search engines is by volume. Man, just come at them so hard with so many motherfucking backlinks, that the number of backlinks makes the search engines uncomfortable. That is overloading to me.

    Stress them the fuck out. Make the search engines scratch their fucking heads. "Fuuuck! What is this crazy motherfucker coming up with next? I.. What the fuck is he gonna throw at me next? One minute he wants me to rank 200 keywords and the next minute he wants me to evaluate 1600 backlinks. This psycho son of a bitch is crazy! He is fucking throwing shit at me and what does he want me to do?!"

    I want to fucking make them adapt. I want to make them fucking change my rank. We are going back to change. Overload those fucking search engines.

    Make it do what you want it to do! Command those motherfuckers, because they are yours! Tell them what to do! It must rank your site! You must rank your website! I command your punk ass to rank your website!

    Commandment number Nine

    Obsession... It's not just a fucking word that I like to use.

    I don't care what it is that you do. If you want to be the absolute best Social Media Marketer, I don't give a fuck if it's tweeting an affiliate product, submitting Facebook posts, or uploading viral videos to YouTube.

    If you want to be the best at it, motherfucker there is no way around it, You MUST be obsessed with it.
    "Why C.T.?" Cause I fucking said so. That's why!

    Obessesion is inescapable. Ask any fucking champion.

    You dream that shit, you sleep that shit, you eat that fucking shit. You.. You breathe that fucking shit. Obsession is fucking dense! It is thick! You can taste it!

    Without obsession, your ass will never be great. It's impossible...

    Fucking obsession is an absolute must for greatness!

    Commandment number Ten

    And this a good one!

    "I am big enough." "I am satisfied."

    Never ever become satisfied!

    Satisfaction... is the deathblow. It's the end of the line. You can not progress farther then satisfaction. Satisfaction is the end of your growth. It is the end of your journey. it's over for you motherfucker!

    "I am satisfied. I no longer need to struggle!"

    "I no longer need to push myself!"

    "I am done. I have reached my goal!"

    Fuck satisfaction!

    Am I satisfied? Not by a long fucking shot! Is my journey over? Fuck No! And I fucking will not go quietly into the night. I will go kicking and fucking screaming!

    Fuck satisfaction!

    Fuck it!

    These are C.T. Fletchers Ten Commandments on Internet Marketing. Follow them.

    And remember; I command you to grow!
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    Who the fuck is ct fletcher ?....and how did he pick up the brain injury ?
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    Particle Horizon
    Best line in the whole story. :)
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    @cursedbrain Agree! Their are some gold nuggets of knowledge and insight hidden between the strong language.