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    purchase shares online, is the always better way to increase your income per day, you know it's good thing to type these and get money, but you really think these aren't fake? I mean come on do they actually give out free money is their something wrong with them, but anyway lets just keep saying stuff about this til I finish my 150 words for this article, you know I became slow at typing these days I don't know what happen but I usually type faster, ok let sing this song together, don't find some of the time there is someone on your mind that shouldn't be at all. oh lets breath deep til we can dive our last big one to the ocean end, and sink together when we look at you and you look at me, I can see through you, yeah you fading and I'm decreasing my faith in you, I'm crying and you laughing, this is life and what I can do. 21251

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