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    Jun 7, 2014
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    Hello guys!

    First, sorry for my english. I'm practice! I hope you understand my Post.

    I want to buy visitors. But i don't want pay money for bad quality! Like thirth world visitors, if i need people they have enough money, to buy my offer!

    I know it give so much offer for buying visitors. But i ask to you, real persons with your real experiences!

    I want to buy visitors from usa/europe for my website. Visitors, not members they click on a link for half second and finish for earn money. That gives sites, you earn money, if you klick on the website and closed after one second or so.

    Than i want buy visitors from usa/europe for my affiliate link.

    Whats your experiences with buyed visitors? For your website or for only the affiliate site?

    Which site you can say it a good site for my kind of work?

    I don't want to pay too much money, but not $1 for 1.000.000 Visitors! I think you know what i mean.

    Now i hope, i don't make you confused. Hehe. If i make experiences the next week, i want post it with my terrible english experiences. Hehe.